Live Music for Indian Weddings

Perfect Live Music for Indian Weddings

Nick Young and BombayRain create magical music and ambiance for your traditional wedding celebration. This group is highly praised for beautiful sound, excellent visuals and professional conduct. Here is a quote from the groom at a recent wedding:

“Samira and I just wanted to thank you and your group again for doing an AMAZING job on Saturday.  All the music was so beautiful and tasteful, and it really set the tone for the whole evening.  We had several people come up to us and tell us how great the music was.  You are exceptionally talented and it was a joy to listen to.  Please send our regards to the rest of your band members as well.”

Customize the Perfect Fit for your Event

Choose from one to five musicians to provide the the perfect live music for indian weddings and create a special and enchanting atmosphere for your guests.

Professional and Attentive to Your Needs

Nick Young and BombayRain are professional and attentive to your celebration and ceremony. They provide their music with an intuitive flow that enhances but does not distract from the ceremony and ritual of your event.

They play the perfect music for the ceremony, bride and groom entrances, social hour and for dinner and reception.

Fantastic Musicianship

Each of the musicians in the group are supremely talented and experienced in their own right. They regularly travel the world playing concerts in many countries, creating music for major motion pictures and for retreats, classes and workshops. They each bring a unique flavor to the sound that they create as an ensemble. Don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to have these world class artists provide live music for indian weddings for your family.

Prefect for Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Other Celebrations

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